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Hey there! 🙌

Already big hands for you that you have clicked on the "Support me" link in the navigation bar! This basically means that you think about supporting a developer contributing to the open-source community. So thanks already for this!

My main goal when working on software packages is to open-source it in some way in the future. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and concept, but in the end this is the goal. Firstly, because making them available to others makes them better in the end. Secondly, I'm using a lot of open-source packages for my end-user projects, so I kind of believe in this ecosystem ❤️.

What I'm doing

Besides putting the packages online, I am very keen on actively maintaining them over time. There are a lot of great tools available for free, but a lot are outdated, which is a pity. So one of my principles is to have all packages continuously integrated and automatically tested. Also, I'm using Renovate to keep dependencies up-to-date.

As you can imagine this takes a lot of time and also resources! ⚙️

By donating, you help me …

  1. Ensure future quality of my published projects
  2. Open-source more of my projects (there are a lot!)
  3. Have more time for my blog. I want to share knowledge with the community 🤝.

What you can do 🍻

There are various ways to support me. Any help is apprechiated, so worries thinking about which amount is appropriate.

  • Github SponsorsFirst of all, GitHub has its very own donation system called GitHub Sponsors where you can support developers regularly.
  • Buy Me a CoffeeA great platform for quick one-time donations.
  • PayPalAlso for one time donations if you are using PayPal.
  • PatreonHere you can support me regularly, which is great so I can steadily work on projects.

Thanks a lot for your support!
I also want to thank the supporters who donated already ❤️.